Poipu Beach

There are no high-rises or concrete canyons holding back the soft warm tradewinds on Kauai's magnificent Poipu Beach, where the tallest creations are the coco palms and the tropical sun shines benevolently on the lush green foliage and bright blue sea of Paradise. Come see why the happiest people in the Hawaiian Islands all seem to reside on the southern sides of the islands: Ah! Cooling tradewinds, abundant sunshine, a spritzing of showers and rainbows here and there, and the best sunsets you'll ever see through a cocktail glass!

Sheraton Kauai Resort

At the beautiful 394-room  Sheraton Kauai Resort you pay for a room but with the seductively warm and gentle Hawaiian climate you won't want to spend much time indoors. The open-air plan of the resort doesn't separate you from the scent of plumeria or the serene grass-fringed shoreline, or the pure soft sand smelted into gold by the light of the tiki torches. The newly-refurbished Sheraton Kauai Resort has all the modern amenities you expect from a first-class resort, yet you'll feel as if you are back in old Hawaii in the glory days of oceanfront resorts.